We all want to change the world

I spent lunch with heads of Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Affairs and Marketing departments from several large national coporationss as we got together to discuss our strategic plan for an advisory council (for a large educational non profit) we sit on. [quote float=”right”]I do not know the answer. But i hope we can all work […]


Most of you probably know that I also blog about politics and the intersection of faith and politics at RedBlueChristian, but you may not have known that RedBlue is on AllTop, which is an amazing list aggregated feeds of the best sites in a given topic. Check it out.

Pop Culture Lessons for the Church

For all of certain elements of the Church’s railing against it, Hollywood remains pretty successful. So while Pat Robertson may take one approach… “Popular television is flooded with filth and violence; MTV, VH-1, and pop radio stations are sewers of obscenity, rebellion and violence; pop magazines promote the vilest forms of pornography and a form […]

Super Awesome Organization Sunday Numero Uno or SAOS1 for those of you spanishally challenged

Bambu manufactures and sells organic fair trade bamboo products. They employ locals throughout China and North Vietnam, regularly visit the sites and donate 1% to enviornmental causes. They are making a positive impact on the communities where the bamboo is harvested and where the products are manufactured as well as having very little enviormental impact […]

Myanmar Catastrophe

A thoughts… Social… So far the death toll is in the 10’s of thousands but some are estimating that it will rise to 100 thousand as the rubble and water are cleared. Help is desperately needed. Please get your church’s, social networks, clubs and coworkers together to do what you can. Often times people demand […]

On a More Civil Discourse

If you believe the candidates and pundits you know that depending on your political preference that you hate… Poor people, rich people, working people, unemployed people, taxes, spending, saving, the middle class, minorities, immigrants, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and every other political topic under the sun… That being said, I have to wonder why all of […]