20 Tips to Survive and Thrive In Today’s Economic Turmoil or Marketing on a Budget part 1.

I have spoken with many business owners lately concerned about the economy and how to best respond.  A dentist told me, well people still get cavities but they are putting off braces and elective procedures, a physical therapist said he knows some competitors are pulling their advertising and he doesn’t want to (he is smart […]


Most of you probably know that I also blog about politics and the intersection of faith and politics at RedBlueChristian, but you may not have known that RedBlue is on AllTop, which is an amazing list aggregated feeds of the best sites in a given topic. Check it out.

10 Poorest Cities in the USA

Biz Journal just released a list of the 10 poorest cities in the USA.  Definetly worth a look.  I am curious if anyone is already doing something in any of these areas.  Is this big news?  Are there community development centers, churches, non profits, etc. already working to make sure people in these cities are […]

More Cheesy “Christian” Knockoffs

Yet another example of the wonderful world of Christian as an adjective… “christian” Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, etc can all be purchased at Digital Praise where they apparently “glorify God through interactive media.” Not sure if this is more or less awesome than “christian” candy or “christian” golf balls, but it is really really […]

Cheesy Sermon Videos Remix

I hate to do repost, but noticed that this post has a ton of hits recently and wanted to hopefully get some feedback as to who all is looking at it, did it give you any ideas for your sermons, did you tell your pastor about it, etc…Check out these “parody” videos being sold for […]