Top 8 Ladies

Asia’h Epperson. I Wanna Dance with Someone. My 1 year old son was dancing and clapping. The outfit was very ugly, but it was very 80’s. The vocals were pretty good. A fun performance. Kady Malloy. Forever. Awful song choice. Last week they told her to let her personality show and choose a fun song. […]

Top 8 Boys

80’s night. It seems like the judges worked hard to make sure that a lot of different styles of singers were represented this season and as they are getting more comfortable and taking more risks it is getting exciting. One of the things that really seperates the good from the great is the ability to […]

American Idol Feb. 12

Seems like Simon is running things for the first segment. Blasted thru the first day yes’s really fast. Bryan Adams was a hit. Maybe he will be a special guest later in the season. The second round was boring. It was all about the drama of the front line back line game. We didn’t get […]

A New Low

A new low has been reached. I am praying fervently for an end to the writer’s strike. I think I could handle almost any concession just please please please stop the reality tv/game show blitz. The lastest assault on reason and good sense. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad. Really. Its going to be […]