10 Poorest Cities in the USA

Biz Journal just released a list of the 10 poorest cities in the USA.  Definetly worth a look.  I am curious if anyone is already doing something in any of these areas.  Is this big news?  Are there community development centers, churches, non profits, etc. already working to make sure people in these cities are […]

More Cheesy “Christian” Knockoffs

Yet another example of the wonderful world of Christian as an adjective… “christian” Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, etc can all be purchased at Digital Praise where they apparently “glorify God through interactive media.” Not sure if this is more or less awesome than “christian” candy or “christian” golf balls, but it is really really […]

Bacon Bourbon

If you like either bacon or bourbon this may be an article for you. So go ahead, bacon up that bourbon. Maybe chase it with some butter. Mmmmm… I will let everyone know how this goes just as soon as I try it…


Not sure how much will get posted over the next couple days. Driving up to Oregon to visit Shannon’s grandparents. In the mean time, check out the Blog roll. There are some real gems in there.