Pop Culture Lessons for the Church

For all of certain elements of the Church’s railing against it, Hollywood remains pretty successful. So while Pat Robertson may take one approach… “Popular television is flooded with filth and violence; MTV, VH-1, and pop radio stations are sewers of obscenity, rebellion and violence; pop magazines promote the vilest forms of pornography and a form […]

Addiction to Religion

A really good post over at Stuff Christians Like. Check it out and then consider the following: 1. Does this describe you or anyone you know? 2. Does your church or the Church seem to fit into this model as a institution? 3. How do we avoid this personally, corporately and universally? Or is it […]

Bad Marketing: The Cheapening of a Brand

Jesse Phillips wrote at the Catablog about Starbucks new marketing campaign leaving behind their roots as a luxury brand and seeming to self identify more with the fast food giants or commodities. (An interesting side note would be that many commodities, like milk and cheese, and the fast food giants are moving away from this […]

Bruce Lee Christians

Bruce Lee, martial arts expert, actor and of course Christian Leader. Ok he may never have come out as and said he was a Christian nor did he say many Christian things, but I believe he may have delivered one of the most powerful lessons for the Church since Jesus and Paul made the same […]