Dear nerds, I need your help…

*updated* I know about 95% of you will have no idea what any of this means.  Thats ok.  This wasn’t meant for you then (; About six months ago my netbook power supply started going crazy.  Then eventually it died.  I should have stopped using it when it was screwy, but it was my primary […]

Message received

At Laundry Love Santa Ana on Thursday, there was a woman who said some disparaging things about “the people who started this thing.”  Being one of “those people” I took this a bit personal.  I was a little angry and a little hurt that someone would question my motives or accuse me of being unfair. […]

Cheesy sermon videos and some alternatives

Between having a toddler and a brand new baby, I have been neglecting my blog quite a bit lately. I apologize to all of you for this, and have been bringing back a few of my most popular posts from the archives to tide you over until things calm down a teeny bit around here. […]