Top 4

I know this is starting to look like an Idol blog, I promise more meaningful posts will be returning I just have had a few writing projects that needed to be turned in only to the persons they were written for. More on that later (hopefully). Between that and some household projects, vacation and JC […]

Top 5

A short entry…. Syesha or Brooke will go home. Neither one of them gave a great performance nor do they have the huge fan base that votes inspite of a lackluster song. Syesha has now shown she is not a pop star but a theater diva. That is fine but will not connect with a […]

Top 6

So the biggest news here, and the news I will never live down now that it is immortalized online, is that I am a big musical fan so I was excited to hear that Andrew Lloyd Webber would be mentoring. That being said these songs are hard and do not sound like pop songs. It […]

Top 7

Mariah Carey Night. Rather than write this 7 times I will just note if it doesn”t apply to anyone. The problem with Mariah Carey night is that no one else has a 5 octave range, a great body and a million grammy”s. Thus, everyone who tries to do a Mariah Carey song without making big […]

The Top 10

80’s theme tonight (actually from the year their birth which mostly means 80’s). The top ten starting tonite means we get lots of bios. Ramielle Maluaby. How Do I Get You Alone. She was flat thru most of the song and she was virtually stationary even with a big 80’s song. Simon and Randy’s little […]

The Top 11

The Beatles are the theme for the evening, a bit different than last week but for most people pretty much a rehashing of the Lennon McCartney theme from last week. A very cool mini documentary on the Beatles. It will be interesting to see what happens this week as song choice and arrangment last week […]

The Top 12

The new set is great looking and huge. I imagine it would be rather difficult to be the band spread out as they are in the sky. Ryan’s Beatles biography seemed out of place. Beatles have such an expansive catalog of songs so song choice was interesting for me. Seems like it would be tough […]

Top 8 Ladies

Asia’h Epperson. I Wanna Dance with Someone. My 1 year old son was dancing and clapping. The outfit was very ugly, but it was very 80’s. The vocals were pretty good. A fun performance. Kady Malloy. Forever. Awful song choice. Last week they told her to let her personality show and choose a fun song. […]