Freedom and Fashion show

Here is a slide show of pics taken at the Freedom and Fashion show.  Working on a full write up for Intersection (one of the partners for the event is a client) but in the meantime I wanted to get these pics up…

The Idea Camp: Preliminary Thoughts

Over the next several weeks I will be posting much less rambling abstract thoughts regarding the Idea Camp, but wanted to let you know why I threw out so many tweets about this great unconference.    Also, for those who could not be there, there is a Vimeo channel up with videos being added every […]

From Customers to Friends to Fans

Close your eyes and visualize your customers using your product or service.  What do you see?  How do you feel?  Can you do it? What I see with many of my clients is that an exercise like this just feels funny and they are not able to really know what their customers think and feel […]

How to Rock at Customer Service: 12 Seconds

***Update: Sol actually saw this post and emailed me a quick note*** I like 12 Seconds. I use it, though not as much as I would like. My schedule does not permit me to spend much time doing things online that are fun and I have yet to find a great business use for it, […]

20 Tips to Survive and Thrive In Today’s Economic Turmoil or Marketing on a Budget part 3.

We have now gone over 10 tips to boost your business or organization’s presence while budgets are being slashed across the board.  Thanks to those of you who have emailed, called and tweeted ideas.  Love to hear them and several have been incorporated and tweaked based on your input.  Keep it coming.   11.  Videos. […]

20 Tips to Survive and Thrive In Today’s Economic Turmoil or Marketing on a Budget part 2

Last week we looked at the first 5 tips.  Now lets turn our attention to the next 5.   6.  Form good relationships with local publications editors and journalists. When something truly interesting and relevant happens with your organization set them GREAT copy and they will publish it.  Caveat: if you send them crap or take […]