Church 2.0

I went to a really interesting meeting today with a bunch of Christian leaders from around Southern California. It was put together by Greg Atkinson who is is the process of writing a book on the future of the church both in terms of technology but also just how we embrace community and culture. It was a really good time and great to get to meet people and hear their stories. Below I have posted my lightly edited notes from the event. It was interesting to hear how some recurring themes from nearly any broad group gathering of Christians emerged. Do we find “Christian” versions of whats out there? Do we find redemptive uses for what already exists? Varied opinions (obviously). Check it out…

Church 2.0

Greg Atkinson

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Book is multiple parts

Creativity and innovation


Conversational format. What is working? What resources are there? How can be better using them? What is the Church doing to connect with people? Online, offline, believer, non believer…

My Church
Social networking for churches
In general social networking allows the opportunity to keep in touch and get to know each other even when you aren’t able to meet with them face to face. Some people will blog even when they may not teach.

Sandals–360 Hubs
What does it mean to use good stewardship with regards to social networking? People will adopt tech if they can use it. Sandals used it to connect people places and knowledge. How can you connect in an ongoing way? Church members can blog, one person is in charge of connecting people to their needs. But by having a social network people are able to connect with what they need quickly and easily. Collaboration allows the church to grow community and shepherd.

Have to be ready for feedback. Have to be committed.
Must be comfortable with transparency. 60 years ago was the last time most churches had town halls.
Big yet small.

Churches for the last 60 years have had a leader who said what was true and left it at that…
Finding out pastor is going out with his wife or going to see a ball game with his son changes perception and makes them seem more real. More humanity more vulnerability
Not a tech issue, but a value issue.
Have to value everyone having a role.
For the church it’s a win….engagement and testimony. Connection to stories.
The need to be known and in community.
Can we find ways to use tech to bring the masses into the conversation.
How do we take our digital lives and make them real and meaningful to each other.
The 83 % are far more holistically connected than the church.

Social networking in plain English

Ephesians 4 is able to be lived out through web 2.0

Let’s contribute to the world’s innovation rather than copy someone else’s.
Poverty orphans social justice
improv everywhere
Freeze project
Downtown Disney
No angry activists, creative awareness
Spencer The Ooze
Hand and foot, all churches can be a different part of the body rather than your right and you’re wrong.

Reassurance Versus Challenge or Sunshine Versus Truth

The cover of June’s Esquire has a picture of Barack Obama and a very well written article inside of it. I am not an Obama xealot and disagree with much of what he believes about the role of government. Charles Pierce though makes one comment which appears on the cover though that is important for everyone to hear and take to heart.

“What we need now is not a leader to assure us of our greatness…but one who will challenge us to reassert it.”

This is absolutely true in politics as well as the rest of life. In American culture we have become so consumer minded that many would prefer to hear our leaders (be they politicians, bosses or pastors) tell us how great we are, how wonderful we are doing or why everything is great.

Proverbs 27:5-6 says that, “Open rebuke is better than secret love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” Thrice sings a song about friendship that says a true friend will stab you in the front.

America is a great nation but it is foolish to think she is infallible. You and I try our best but it would be ridiculous to assume we do not need a reminder every once in a while as to how to do things well. In work, in life, in our world everyone makes mistakes. To think otherwise is unwarranted and dangerous. To view criticism of ourselves, our nation, our churches, our friends as off limits is to open the door to major problems.

Love and respect is an absolute neccesity, but out of that love and respect should flow honesty, even when it is unpleasant and hard; especially when it is unpleasant and hard (who else will do it then?).

Is there someone challenging you or your thinking on a topic right now? Have you shut them down, asked them for reassurance (sunshine) instead of taking what they have to say and growing from it? It is time that the Church, our nation, our families and friends started stabbing each other in the front.

Myanmar Catastrophe

A thoughts…


So far the death toll is in the 10’s of thousands but some are estimating that it will rise to 100 thousand as the rubble and water are cleared. Help is desperately needed. Please get your church’s, social networks, clubs and coworkers together to do what you can. Often times people demand gov’ts to do more but beyond my beliefs that this is never effective, but in this case (see below) the Myranmar gov’t is not letting gov’t relief workers in. CNN has some charities that are working in the area already on their website…


Several governments and relief agencies are saying that the red tape to get into Myranmar is so extensive that they are not able to get visas to get in and deliver goods and supplies that they have waiting in Thailand ready to deliver. Gov’t controls and regulations rarely help anything. Here they are actually killing people.