the top 24

I thought the Jumper intro/commercial was actually kind of cool. Obviously, a little lame, but I think that added to the appeal for me. Ryan at the end getting blown off was really funny. A lot of no’s to start off. They claimed that people out in the lobby were getting more nervous but that […]

American Idol Feb. 12

Seems like Simon is running things for the first segment. Blasted thru the first day yes’s really fast. Bryan Adams was a hit. Maybe he will be a special guest later in the season. The second round was boring. It was all about the drama of the front line back line game. We didn’t get […]

A New Low

A new low has been reached. I am praying fervently for an end to the writer’s strike. I think I could handle almost any concession just please please please stop the reality tv/game show blitz. The lastest assault on reason and good sense. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad. Really. Its going to be […]

The Profit Equation

Profit=revenue-cost. In order for profits to grow, costs must be cut. You must manage cost, reduce cost. This is the most obvious way to handle the Profit Equation. Many companies do this. Your company may be doing this. Companies downsize, outsource, improve technology to make the organization more efficient, more profitable. Cut costs to the […]

Covert Persuasion: Psychological Tactics and Tricks to Win the Game—Kevin Hogan, James Speakman.

Covert Persuasion: Psychological Tactics and Tricks to Win the Game—Kevin Hogan, James Speakman. While the title may sound sinister, this book is really about how to communicate. It deals with bypassing the critical, biased, defensive part of the brain and getting your point heard, getting your product sold, getting your intended result. It is written […]

On a More Civil Discourse

If you believe the candidates and pundits you know that depending on your political preference that you hate… Poor people, rich people, working people, unemployed people, taxes, spending, saving, the middle class, minorities, immigrants, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and every other political topic under the sun… That being said, I have to wonder why all of […]