Google’s 8 Pillars of Innovation for Non Profit’s

Susan Wojcicki has seen Google grow from the very start … the company was once based in her garage! In 2011, Wojcicki wrote “The Eight Pillars of Innovation” about how the company pushes itself forward. These Eight Pillars made Google one of the most useful and financially sound companies on the planet. What would it look […]

year end giving guide 2011

Each year i like to put together a list of orgs that i believe in, trust and respect for your year end giving and tax planning considerations. Additionally, this year i am also making some gift giving recomendations as well. I am connected to them in varying degrees (and I disclose that with each one) but […]

A quick run down on what I am up to…

With the exception of my lovely wife, few people know the totality of things I am currently involved in, as I often see folks in the context of one project or another.  This frequently leads to the question, “so, do you do this full time?” So, I thought I would quickly give you all the […]

Laundry Love Project Party

A little over a year ago, at one of the 511 Sunday night gatherings, a group of us decided to try out one of these Laundry Love Projects we had heard about.  Now here it is a year later.  The last year has been an exciting adventure that has genuinely impacted a lot of lives, […]

Big ideas. Big risks. Big fun.

Working on a new, still undercover, initiative.  It has the potential to be one of the biggest things I have ever pulled off.  By the same token, it has the potential to be the most colossal failure. The interesting thing, though, to me, is the ease at which the early stage things are going.  I […]

The Simple Things and Identity

I talked with a friend the other day.  Nothing deep.  Nothing dramatic.  He moved into a new place about two weeks ago.  I asked him how he was liking it.  He got a huge smile on his face and told me he liked it because he gets to take a shower every day. Wait–what?  Yeah, […]