Keeping Ya’ll Up To Date

Thursday (2.20.14) I had an appointment with an Orthopedist. He spent less than 10 minutes with me basically saying that this required a very specialized specialist. He put in a referral to see a Orthopedic Oncologist at UCLA Medical Center (in Santa Monica) who should be able to finally give us a differential diagnosis between the three […]

Easter Breakfast in Downtown Santa Ana

My very small historic downtown Santa Ana Church, as part of the County/Mercy House Winter Shelter Program, has been sheltering 15 families this month. This breaks down like this: 29 adults, 16 kids 5 and under and 24 kids 6-17. On Easter the program will come to an end and these families experiencing homelessness will […]

JC Tball

He is playing T Ball. If you’d like to come out to a game they are on Saturdays at Riverview Neighborhood Park in Santa Ana. They are a ton of fun. Oct 13th @ 12pm – 1pm Oct 20th @ 9am – 10am Oct 27th @ 10:30am – 11:30am Nov 3rd @ 12pm – 1pm […]

Athletes and politicians…

There should be a 365 day conference for politicians and pro athletes. No media, no tweeting. Just let them hang out and talk. The rest of us can just carry on while they talk about how important and special they are in a room. forever. Almost overnight billions of dollars can be reinvested in things […]