Medical update

So last week I had a doctor appointment with my Orthopedic Specialist to review the results of my latest xray. He said everything looked good and that between the results plus my reduced pain and increased mobility that it confirms my diagnosis (for those who don’t remember there had previously been a window of doubt). […]

Doctor Visit

Doctor visit today with the specialist at UCLA Santa Monica. He will be looking at the xrays I took last week. Depending on what he sees we will either start talking about surgery options or schedule the next set of xrays for a couple months out. Over the last few weeks my inflammation and swelling […]


Spoke at my church on Sunday. Not sure what you call what it was I did. It was sort of a mini talk within the pastor’s sermon. As our church is fairly traditional, no audio visual aids we used (hard for me since I used lots of visual language and I love creating slide decks) […]

The funny thing about biopsy results…

So the big thing everyone wants to know… [quote style=”boxed”]No. I don’t have cancer. In fact, I don’t have a tumor at all.¬†[/quote] It looks a lot like, but not quite enough to be 100% certain, myositis ossificans. Because of some irregularities they do want to keep a very close eye on it to make […]