It’s okay.

You’re scared.

I get it.

But don’t worry. It’s going to be ok. Or maybe it won’t.

Innovation can happen.

Change is hard. Change is scary.

But it has to happen. It is going to happen. Lead it. Don’t wait for it. Don’t chase it.

Don’t settle for anything less than striving to be number one in your field. Transformative change, impact, legacy. These are the hallmarks of innovators, of entrepreneurs, of disruptive, discontented souls. Of dreamers.

If you really want to make a difference, if you really want to change the world you’re going to have to put forward a compelling vision and sell it. Get people excited to really, really, really work hard. Roll up your sleeves. You can’t leave early. You can’t show up late.

Just put in the work. Sell the vision. Get people excited.

Have a vision worth fighting for. Worth sweating for. Worth bleeding for. Worth dying for.

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]Imagination is more important than knowledge ~ Albert Einstein[/quote] Do you want to make a difference?

You’ve got to fight. You can’t be afraid and even when you are you have to be courageous. You have to fight. You have to push through.

Sometimes you will fail. (probably more often than not!)

Keep dreaming.

Sometimes you will struggle.

Keep dreaming.

Sometimes you will be scared out of your mind.

Keep dreaming. 

People will tell you that you are crazy, that you are moving too fast, that you are idealistic, foolish or just plain dumb.

Keep dreaming.

Be a dreamer. Believe that you can change the world. Keep going.

And when you’ve done all that? Ask for help.