Should my non profit use Periscope?

Let’s talk about Qik.

Qik, a company that was very early on in the stream-live-video-from-your-phone trend that popped up and then quickly faded around 2008-2009, is being retired by its parent company, Skype. Skype acquired Qik back in 2011 for upwards of $100 million. ~ Techcrunch

If you check out all of my earliest youtube videos you will see that Qik is tagged. I was livestreaming all kinds of things from my Windows Mobile Device before iPhone supported video. In fact, Qik worked on iPhone even though iPhone didn’t have the functionality in their OS. It was a great service.

In fact it was so great that today, almost a decade later, 2 near identical services have popped up and are all anyone is talking about. Meerkat came in like a wrecking ball (feel free to sing along at home) leveraging your Twitter social graph and then Twitter said, hey, we have some pretty solid programmers here too and um, also access to the Twitter graph, so um, lets copy it (which remember is literally a copy of Qik, and several other livestreaming apps from the last time we went down this road…) and released Periscope.

Off topic but interesting side note, the best ideas aren’t always successful. Great ideas require great execution and marketing to get off the ground.

Which brings us to the question, “Should your non profit be using Periscope?”

At our non profit training last month, Connect+Engage we talked a lot about social media. A few guidelines that came out of that conversation:

  1. The right tools are one’s aligned with your strategy
  2. Do thoughtful and strategic experiments
  3. Do it wrong quickly
  4. Measure the right things

So, “Should I use Periscope?”

Honestly, I have no idea! Unless you are one of our retainer clients I just don’t know your donor base well enough to decide that for you. But we can offer you some questions to help you figure it out.

  • Do you have an engaged Twitter following?
  • Do you have KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your social presence?
  • Do you know your story and how to tell it well?
  • Do you have the time to invest well in creating the content as well as establishing and measuring goals?

If your answers to these questions lead you to believe you should move forward then get moving and create great content and connect with your donors and volunteers today!