Make it a MAY to Remember!

Join Dan Portnoy and I for a half day of training on how to best equip your team for this year’s campaigns. We’re calling it Connect + Engage because we all know: that’s how you win donors and catalyze audiences.

We wanted to share what we’re seeing in successful non-profits and provide helps in several areas from telling your story to connecting with volunteers. Each session will be done in a fast-paced, poignant style with lots of images, kind of like a TED talk. We aren’t holding anything back.

Do you want to know how to raise more money than you ever have this year?
We’ll tell you.
How is this year’s campaign video going to connect with the most people?
We’ll tell you.
How can you ensure that you’re creating the most engaging story?
We’ll tell you.

Here’s what the training looks like:

Welcome, expectations, ground rules
Session 1 – Getting your story right, tone, modes.
Session 2 – Determining audiences
Session 3 – Connection and engagement, principles and strategy
Session 4 – Using social media effectively and efficiently
Session 5 – Using video to acquire and cultivate donations
Session 6 – Recruiting, managing and maintaining great volunteers
Closing thoughts
We know you’re busy so we made the workshop just a half day so you can grab the latest concepts and implement them with your team in real time. Bring your team and work on your marketing together with us at the workshop.May 5th – Orange County (Santa Ana)

Create Space Studio,
Historic Hervey-Finley Building
204 E. 4th Street Suite O, Santa Ana, Ca 92701 (click for map)

Morning Session 8:30-12 (noon)

Afternoon Session 1pm-4:30pm

May 7th – Los Angeles

Northland Village Foundation
4520 Cutter Street Los Angeles, Ca 90039 (click for map)

Morning Session 8:30-12 (noon)

Afternoon Session 1pm-4:30pm

I hope to see you there!