Medical update

So last week I had a doctor appointment with my Orthopedic Specialist to review the results of my latest xray. He said everything looked good and that between the results plus my reduced pain and increased mobility that it confirms my diagnosis (for those who don’t remember there had previously been a window of doubt). So that is all good news.

After checking everything out he decided that I needed to have a bone scan in 4 months to check surgery readiness. After the scan, I will meet with him to discuss results and hopefully get surgery scheduled. So with any luck, I should be recovering from surgery and low dose radiation at right around the one year mark (November 2014) from the beginning of this whole ordeal.

I’ve lost an estimated 5-10% of the muscle in my thigh and will likely lose another 5-10% in surgery. After recovery I will be able to get back on a bike though (which is what I am REALLY looking forward to). In the meantime I have to drive most places. Walking is not super practical if I have the kids or a lot of stuff to carry plus it is much more time consuming.

Still sore and uncomfortable but that is far better than being in constant extreme pain. Still more tired than I used to be, but not exhausted and falling asleep by 5p anymore. Slow progress but progress nonetheless. A little cranky at times (my family might say a lot at times too). While things are certainly better than they were, most areas of concern are still there.

I will continue keeping folks updated here. I’ve created a new blog category for health updates so if you are interested or want to share this info with someone simply point them to and previous posts and any future posts will pop up.

We would sure appreciate your prayers in a few specific areas:

  • Finances: we have great insurance through Shannon’s work and we a little bit left in our flexible health spending account that we can draw from, but still lots of doctors visits and lots of medications (fortunately I have been reducing my meds significantly the last month or so) and lots of tests mean lots of copays. Additionally, the pain and stress and time involved has limited my ability to win new business. So we have more money than normal going out and far less than normal coming in. I have picked up a few small projects recently, but also lost one major one. If you know anyone who needs creative or marketing/communications work done please send them my way. Ideally, they would be in the social enterprise or non profit space, but I am being pretty flexible right now.
  • Kids: obviously, dad being stressed out and irritable is hard on kids. pray that I remain patient and fair with them, they get the time and attention they need.
  • Me: Me being stressed out and irritable is hard on Shannon. Pray that I deal with things in emotionally healthy and responsible ways (not my strong suit).