Doctor Visit

Doctor visit today with the specialist at UCLA Santa Monica. He will be looking at the xrays I took last week. Depending on what he sees we will either start talking about surgery options or schedule the next set of xrays for a couple months out. Over the last few weeks my inflammation and swelling has subsided which has decreased my pain levels substantially. Still get pretty tired and sore if I am too active but getting up in the morning doesn’t wipe me out for the day anymore. No muscle spasms in at least a month. Only two nights since my last appointment that I was too uncomfortable to sleep. All in all doing a lot better. Hopeful that we can get surgery scheduled and over and done with so that I can start riding a bike again. Walking is just not enough exercise to keep my energy level up and the increase in driving is expensive!

No new concerns really. Happy to report that there has been some modest improvement across all the previously listed issues. Appreciate you all.

I’m off to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for the next couple hours. Hope your day is better than mine!

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