Keeping Ya’ll Up To Date

Thursday (2.20.14) I had an appointment with an Orthopedist. He spent less than 10 minutes with me basically saying that this required a very specialized specialist. He put in a referral to see a Orthopedic Oncologist at UCLA Medical Center (in Santa Monica) who should be able to finally give us a differential diagnosis between the three options.

Today (2.24.14), we went to see him. He asked a lot of the same questions I’ve answer roughly 17 gazillion times, looked at the imaging that everyone and their mother in the medical world has looked at and then gave us the same answer that everyone else has. “Not sure what it is.”

Then he did something unexpected.

He sent me in for a biopsy and said that his pathologists are world class and that is why the hard cases get sent there. He told me that unless there was a problem with the biopsy, by the end of the week I should have a diagnosis.

So while I would have loved to avoid the biopsy (turns out they are not very fun), I am excited to know that the diagnosis chapter of the journey is coming to a close.

Your continued prayers and assistance are very much valued and appreciated. Info on specifics for that here. Also, that the biopsy was successful. 80% of cases yield results. In the 20%, they have to do another one, but instead of a needle they actually would remove a piece. It is a much more invasive procedure and I do not want to do it (obviously)

A huge thanks to the Martinez family for picking up Micah from school today while we were on the road back from Santa Monica.