My very small historic downtown Santa Ana Church, as part of the County/Mercy House Winter Shelter Program, has been sheltering 15 families this month. This breaks down like this: 29 adults, 16 kids 5 and under and 24 kids 6-17. On Easter the program will come to an end and these families experiencing homelessness will be back looking for shelter day to day. But we have the opportunity to make Easter a special day. We are hosting a pancake breakfast for the congregation, community and our friends experiencing homelessness to come together as one, share a meal and talk with one another.

But we need some help. Whether you attend our church or not, we would love for you to consider helping us with the logistics of the breakfast. To cook and serve enough food we need about 20 people (which is close to 25% of our congregation) to sign up to volunteer.

If you are unable to help with this event but still want to spend time with the families, consider signing up to swing by FPC Santa Ana (600 N. Main St., Santa Ana, CA 92701) after 5p when the families begin arriving and bringing some books, games, activities or just a warm friendly smile. Until 730p (when dinner is served) visitors are a welcome sight.

And if you are able to help with the Easter Breakfast you can sign up here.