Thoughts on ABC’s Story on Santa Ana Homelessness

***UPDATE: These are my personal feelings on my personal blog on the story and not related to my relationship to any other organization.***
  • Telling the world our friends experiencing homelessness here in Santa Ana are dangerous, crazy and sex offenders and that officers need special training just to “handle” them.
  • Then making the officers seem like saints for asking them to go to the (mostly non existent) shelter beds.
  • They mentioned camping tickets but neglected to mention that the official offense is “camping without a permit” but no such permits are given, nor did they mention how many “sex offenders” got on the list for urinating outside and getting charged with indecent exposure instead of public urination.
  • Beyond that, homelessness is often the only option for those convicted of sex offenses as the regulations (and accompanying public outcry) are so onerous that it often precludes them from getting housing or gainful employment.
  • Then to top it all off the “training” they show appears to simply be, “use good manners” or “be polite.” Should not this be standard operating procedure for those with the power to kill at will? Why is aggression the best response UNLESS you suspect they are mentally ill, in which case this “federal grant says we should be polite.
  • Why were the police the only people given a chance to talk? Why no one experiencing homelessness? Why no non profit leaders? How awesome must SAPD’s PR rep be to get such a one sided look.

Source: ABC