Dear nerds, I need your help…


I know about 95% of you will have no idea what any of this means.  Thats ok.  This wasn’t meant for you then (;

About six months ago my netbook power supply started going crazy.  Then eventually it died.  I should have stopped using it when it was screwy, but it was my primary computer and I could not afford to replace it right away.  It has a 32gb *mini* pci-express ssd.  I mostly use cloud storage options but did have a few graphics and pictures stored on locally that I had not yet backed up.  I finally got a new computer but do not have any devices around that have a *mini* pci-express port.

I am hoping that one of you out there might know what this post means, and have a solution.  I need to get the data off the old drive and onto a usb stick or something.

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2 replies on “Dear nerds, I need your help…”

  1. Internal power supply or external ac adapter? I would try to replace the ac adapter using a universal one or get one off eBay (I got a spare for my Sony for 11 bucks). Another quickie idea is to take it to best buy or one of the big box stores and try using one of the power cords from the display units. If you explain nicely, I bet the employees wouldn’t mind you powering up and xferring to a USB stick, etc.

    If it is an internal power supply issue, it depends on the netbook. You probably can have it removed relatively easily and swapped out elsewhere to download data…

  2. Internal. Yeah, I looked into replacing the power supply but it looked to be a huge task and expensive given the cheap nature of the unit. I just need to find a device i can slap a *mini* pci express card into to grab the data.

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