A quick run down on what I am up to…

With the exception of my lovely wife, few people know the totality of things I am currently involved in, as I often see folks in the context of one project or another.  This frequently leads to the question, “so, do you do this full time?”

So, I thought I would quickly give you all the run down, as a few things have changed recently as well:

These are the biggest areas of my current time split.  I also have a few smaller, or infrequent things that I work on or have under development.

  • a few secret projects (;
  • an art show
  • a couple book ideas in early stages
  • occasionally speaking at conferences
  • advising tech start ups on user acquisition (esp. power users)

So there you have it.  If as some believe, you are what you do, then that is me.  When time permits (it rarely does these days) perhaps I can do a tech walk through on how I attempt to remain productive while wearing so many hats.  One hint, less personal blogging (;

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