Shannon and Micah Were In a Car Accident

They are fine.  No one was injured.  Unless you count our car.  It didn’t do so hot.  Totally kept the passengers safe though.  Shannon has a bruise on her hip from her iPod being in her pocket and Micah bit his tongue, though it is still fully intact.

Our insurance is good so we are not too concerned long term, but we do have some immediate issues we may need your help with.  We have a second car, but it is a small economy car that won’t fit both car seats in the back.  Our insurance will cover a rental for up to $200, but looking at prices that means about a week.  Once we know how long the car will take we will have a better idea of how this will impact us, but my experience says that we will probably need some help with some errands after a while.  Also, if anyone is a member of one of them fancy frequent car renter clubs and can get a good deal on a mid size (not to be greedy, but we sort of need one with a big backseat for the two toddler sized car seats) that would also be super awesome.

Shannon is pretty shaken up and upset so a word of encouragement for her would be nice and maybe not grilling her too much on the details.  (;

Thanks all for being super fantastic and what not.

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2 replies on “Shannon and Micah Were In a Car Accident”

    1. Thanks so much. We are doing pretty well. Shannon and Micah seem in good
      health and we should be able to get a rental for longer than I originally
      thought. Evidently not being a details sort of a chap extends to insurance
      paperwork as well. (;

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