Unleashing Beauty Online: the power of social media for social justice

Below is a presentation I gave at the Unleashing Beauty Conference in Irvine, Ca this last week.  I have embedded my slide show and put my notes, expanded and with links to various websites and webapps mentioned through out.  If your organization would like to talk about a more personalized solution lets set up a time to talk.

Unleashing Beauty Online: the power of social media for social justice

1. Welcome

A. Who Am I?

a. freelance marketer and social web developer for the last year and a                      half

b. in process of launching intersection creative strategies

c. site lead for laundry love santa ana

d. husband, father of 2 kids under 3

B. What we are not discussing

a. philosophical or theological implications of social media

b. philosophical or theological implications of social justice

c. politics

C. Presuppositions I am starting with

a. Social Justice is a good

b. Social Media is ok (moral, legal, ethical, permissible, etc.) for                                    churches, NPO’s and NGO’s to use

c. Social Media is a powerful tool for influence

d. You are here to learn HOW to use social media for social justice (ie:                       not to debate these other items)

2. Format

A. Not So Great Examples

B. Great Examples

C. Practical Steps

D. The Vision

E. Q&A

3. Not so great examples

A. Motrin

B. Social Media Gurus

C. Ning communities (w/ some exceptions)

4. Great examples

A. Invisible People

a. Mark Horvath

b. Invisible People

c. Road Trip

d. Impact

B. Twestival

C. Laundry Love Santa Ana

a. a quick mention

b. a simple website

c. a few well placed mentions

d. press, npo’s and gov’t notice

5. Practical

A. The Right Platforms

a. Website/Blog

b. Facebook

c. Twitter

d. Other

B. The Right Tools

1. Ping.FM

a. Status updates to 30+ sites

2. Posterous

a. blogs, pics, links to 10+ sites

3. TubeMogul

a. video to 40+ video sharing sites

4. Twitterfeed

a. posting of rss feeds through twitter or ping.fm

5. TweetDeck

a. multiple saved twitter searches

b. keep track of conversations on twitter, facebook, even myspace

c. multi account posting and listening

d. columns for keeping track of friends, family, best donors, etc

6. Other

a. niche sites, geographic specific sites, etc

C. The Right Content

1. relevant

a. to your topic

b. to your demographic

c. to YOU

2. funny

a. funny spreads fast

b. funny gets people talking

c. funny keeps people coming back even when the big picture is bleak                      (ie sex trafficking, gang violence, etc)

3. personal

4. unique

a. not found elsewhere

5. shared

a. point people towards orgs, links, articles that are interesting or                               useful in your space.

6. universal

a. low cost of entry. if you want to get people to rally around                                         something, make sure it is something they can rally around.  don’t                         ask them to agree to a set of theological or philosophical                                             propositions to join your movement.  Don’t make it cost too much.  6. Vision

A. Worldwide Scope

B. Little Regulation

C. Little Cost of Entry

D. Viral Potential

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