Social Media For Rockstars: The Art of Adaptation


I had a chance see the guys from Bidwell last week as they closed out their tour at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California.  Afterwards, Brian Valdez from Guerilla Union was gracious enough to take us to their offices and studio, give us a tour and let us shoot an interview in their studio.  


We talked about the changing social media landscape as more and more options present themselves and how their band is adapting to be able to operate in a world no longer ruled by Myspace.  While many tech and marketing sites say that they are already down and out, it seems no one has an alternative platform for bands and concert promoters with any momentum, but as many users do start to spend more time on other sites, smart marketers will adapt.  And that is just what Bidwell is doing. 

Bear in mind this was shot way after my bedtime.  It was fun hanging out with rockstars (or folks without young kids for that matter).

*Disclosure: I am an advisor to North Star Media Group, Bidwell’s current management