Coffee Shop Restrooms and Your Online Presence

Whenever I go to a nice restaurant and have to use the restroom I am usually impressed at how nice, clean and well decorated it is. They put a lot of thought into making sure it is stocked, well appointed and fits in with the decor of the dining area. Oddly, folks rarely spend more than an hour or two at a restaurant. Fancy Restroom from Flickr

As a freelancer with two young children, I do a lot of work at coffee houses, often spending the better part of a day nursing a cup or two of coffee. They are great environments. Coffee shops tend to have great artwork, creative design, good music, lots of outlets, quick wi-fi and overall just seem tailored towards coworking with others.

But one thing always has bothered me. Their restrooms always look like they belong in a fast food joint or truck stop. One of my favorite shops holds large portions of the toilet together with packing tape. In general coffee shop restrooms are often understocked and show signs of water damage (a generalization only backed up by the fact that I visit several a week in a variety of areas ranging from rich to poor).
Gross Bathroom from Flickr
The reason I bring this up, is that while they tend to really try to attract folks to come in and hang out and drink their wonderful beverage with strong laxative and diuretic properties and yet do not consider how that experience impacts the overall environment.

I mean, really while I may go to a restroom at a restaurant or I may not, I always go at least once sometimes twice at the coffee shop. I alway try to put it off because it is unpleasant. At some restaurants folks come out of the restroom and tell their friends to go check it out!!! Now thats an experience.

So, why in the world am I talking about the CRAPPER so much?

What does you overall web presence look like? Are their parts that are unattractive, unpleasant?

Do you view certain technologies as after thoughts like the coffee shops appear to view their restroom?

How can you turn your gross bathroom into a place folks tell their friends about and want to check out as oppose to avoid?

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