How to Rock at Customer Service: 12 Seconds

***Update: Sol actually saw this post and emailed me a quick note***

I like 12 Seconds. I use it, though not as much as I would like. My schedule does not permit me to spend much time doing things online that are fun and I have yet to find a great business use for it, although, others have. All this to say, when my second son was born in January, I went off the grid with regards to video updates.

So when I saw an email from 12 Seconds, I assumed it was just their newsletter and almost did not open it. When I did get around to it though, I was shocked to find a personal email from Sol, one of the founders. As you can see from below he corresponded back and forth about family, time constraints and of course, 12 Seconds.  My replies are in italics.


I’m Sol, one of the founders of 12seconds. I’m reaching out to you personally because we noticed you haven’t posted on 12seconds in a while. I wanted to encourage you to try out the service if you haven’t in a while because we’ve launched a ton of new features and are now in Beta. The community has grown quite a bit and it continues to be a really special place where people share thoughts, memories and those 12seconds of life that make it beautiful.

Regardless, I appreciate your interest in 12seconds and want you to email me directly if you had any technical problems or if there’s a way we can improve the service. Your participation in our community is incredibly important to us.

This is not a bot and I return every email so please feel free to ping me at any time.


Sol Lipman
[email protected]

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This e-mail was sent to you from because you have an account registered with this e-mail address on our website. Should you wish to delete your account or remove yourself from our mailing list, please do so at

Hey Sol,

Thanks a ton for reaching out. That is so freakin’ cool that you take the time to do that.

Love 12 seconds and want to get back into it, just been crazy busy lately. Wifey just had a baby and we have a toddler already. She is still super exhausted and having trouble lifting the toddler. Keeps me from being too involved.

Would you mind if I posted the contents of your email in a blog post about how incredibly awesome Sol and 12 Seconds are?

Hey Scott,

You’re more than welcome to post the contents of our correspondence. I know what it’s like to have a toddler – I have a 10 month old right now! It is very tough on our wives, isn’t it?

Hope you’re well and feel free to come back on 12seconds when you have time.

Thanks for writing me back,


Congrats on the kid. Mine are 2 weeks and 2 years.

Send you a 12 second video with them on it soon.

So what can we learn?  

First, exceptional customer service gets real marketing results results.  Between my blog, twitter, facebook, linked in, etc. I have around 3000 readers, mostly who are early tech. and social media adopters (ie. likely 12 Second users).  By reaching out for customer service, Sol is receiving targeted, free, unsolicited marketing.  

Second, he is positioning himself as an approachable, real person.  His staff and the public will grow to appreciate this as the company grows.  No one wants to work with or for a primadonna.  

So go ahead and forward this post on to your friends and tell them how cool Sol, 12 Seconds, and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE is.  And while your at it let me know if you have used 12 Seconds for fun or work and what you think.  

You can follow me on 12 Seconds here, and Sol here.

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