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As you may have noticed my blog looks quite a bit different.  I have retooled it in order to better reflect what I have been up to lately.  I have been advising my marketing clients on social media, and partnering with non profits and churches on fundraising, marketing and community building.  As a result I felt it inappropriate to spend so much time on politics here.  For those who still want to hear what I think about politics though, all is not lost.  I will continue to post my thoughts on red christians, blue christians, purple christians and of course libertarian solutions to all the worlds problems (: over at RedBlue.  You can even see the most recent entry there in the right most side bar.  

Perhaps one day the book I have been writing on why all of you are wrong and I am right regarding politics will come to pass, but until a market opens up for books about how wonderful all of my political philosophy is, I felt it best to focus on the things people are actually asking me for my input on a day to day basis.  

One final note: if you follow me on twitter, and I am sure you do, you can still get play by plays of how annoyed I am about what ever is happening in the political world or which gov’t leader is selling out the constitution today.

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