Is your music WORSHIP or EVIL?

Now there is a mathmatical formula to figure it out. Special thanks to the good people at Way of Life for helping to develop this formula. What you do is take the number of people in a band and determine what percentage of them make up the rhythm section, then you determine if that number is 4% or less like in an orchestra or an organ by itself. This would be considered appropriate worship music. On the other hand, if it is say 75% like most ROCK bands, then it would be sensual and demonic, or evil. This should clear things up for those of you trying to unravel this mystery in your churches.

Also, for another perspective check out what Dan Kimball found out when he researched the topic here and here.

Hope this makes things a little easier.

3 replies on “Is your music WORSHIP or EVIL?”

  1. *like the Joker browsing through Vicky Vales photo portfolio in the first Batman* “Crap, crap, crap, and…… crap!”

  2. For real? That actually exists? (After checking it out, wow… it actually does.) I think that’s so crazy.

  3. Tearing down the walls. Thats what I do. Now churches don’t have to have worship wars anymore. Just whip your TI-83 and punch some numbers.

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