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I know this is starting to look like an Idol blog, I promise more meaningful posts will be returning I just have had a few writing projects that needed to be turned in only to the persons they were written for. More on that later (hopefully). Between that and some household projects, vacation and JC learning how to break expensive things I have just not gotten to anything substantial lately. So, lets see how they all do tonite.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is such a huge and broad category. So many artist whom have made it into the Hall would not be considered rock by many. This should be David Cook’s night.

David Cook. Hungry Like the Wolf. He was flat several times and his timing was a bit off on the doo doo doo’s. It was a great SOUNDING arrangement (adding distortion without changing anything else does not make for a great arrangement) though and could be a great studio track, just was not a fantastic performance.
Certainly a let down given he is the rocker on rock night.

Syesha Mercado. Proud Mary. Of course Syesha would choose another powerhouse song. Regardless of what the judges say she just keeps choosing songs beyond her quite substantial capabilities making her seem less talented than she really is. It ended up coming off like a decent impersonation. She shouted alot of the big notes during the dancing. It was a fun performance, not the best vocals but certainly a lot of fun. She has a very good voice and if someone else was calling the shots (as in the theater) she will be great.

Jason Castro. I Shot the Sherrif. It sounded a lot like the band was playing the version everyone knows of this song (Eric Clapton’s) while he was singing Bob Marley’s version. The timing was bad and the vocals were average. Anyone who argues with the judge always sounds bad as well. Lets hope song 2 saves him.

David Archuleta. Stand by Me. A perfect song choice for his voice and style. Anytime he can get one of these vocalists R&B tracks with simple music where can do lots of runs he nails it. Sounded a bit strained on some of the high notes, perhaps too much practice this week but really did fantastic. Adding the contemporary flair by throwing in the Sean Kingston stanza really was smart in terms of the competition. Best performance of the first set of songs.

David Cook. Teenage Wasteland. The other David also has his zone that everytime he steps into it he does well. Dynamic songs with the crescendos and decrescendos with the indie rock feel to it. And he did. Not sure how this song showed us his soul (as Paula said) but he gave a great performance with solid vocals.

Syesha Mercado. A Change is Going to Come. An interesting time to do this song as it was the theme of the NAACP’s annual meeting where Reverend Jeremiah Wright delivered his controversial address. She said she thought it was a good analogy for her being on AI. The song was written in the midst of the Civil Rights movement. A bit pompous to compare the two I think. She then went on to perform the song pretty poorly. Could not hit a lot of the notes she tried for. Again she picked a song that was too big for her and it really was not fantastic. Randy was right on though.

Jason Castro. Mr. Tamborine Man. A perfect song for his voice and style. A simple arrangement that suited well the song and his fan base I would imagine. Couple the forgotten lyrics with the bad first performance and this is probably his night to go. I really did like the second song, it just isn’t enough at this stage of the competition. He cannot sail thru with those dreamy eyes and goofy smile anymore.

David Archuleta. Elvis Presley. Love Me Tender. Again, a perfect arrangement that allowed him to showcase his voice. He was number one for the night no doubt. He is the ballad king. If things go the way I think they will, when the David’s face off in the final whatever the final song is will determine the winner like the Blake vs. Jordin final of last season.

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  1. whats this???? no idol post yet? Is david cook the one you wanted to win?

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