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So the biggest news here, and the news I will never live down now that it is immortalized online, is that I am a big musical fan so I was excited to hear that Andrew Lloyd Webber would be mentoring. That being said these songs are hard and do not sound like pop songs. It will be interesting to see who can make it contemporary and do a good job. For many of the contestants whom have already show they cannot come up with original arrangements this maybe the night that seals their fate. Texting 13 year old girls are not going to text a million times for a typical broadway performance. And a Kristy Lee Cook style bad arrangment will not be much better.

Syesha Mercado. One Rock and Roll Too Many. She missed a couple notes but it was a very fun and sassy performance. Dancing with the conductor and guitar player may have verged on cheesy. It was a good piece of theater but not a great American Idol performance.

Jason Castro. Memory. Really tapped into the emotional core of the song which is funny given that is largely about growing old and he is the second youngest contestant. He hit most of the notes so the “trainwreck” comment from Randy seemed unfair. He probably could have found a better song for his style but I do not think he bombed just was not his best.

Brooke White. You Must Love Me. Messed up and started over. Thats not cool. Had trouble on a few of the low notes. Did manage to capture the emotional component that Webber talked about in the begining and because of house powerful that is, it may save her. But really, wow messing up and starting over is hard to recover from.

David Archuleta. Think Of Me. This is tough for me because its one of my favorite songs. I think he did a good job bring it a bit more pop like. Sounded like an older R&B song to me. He was also too stationary to a song that had a bit of a beat to it. Was a little boring. Should have really had fun on the build up parts.

Carly Smithson. Jesus Christ Superstar. This is a song that is already pretty fun and modern. A great fit for her voice and personality. She performed it very well catching the breaks and solos and moving around the stage well. Song could be a bit irreverant for some but watch the whole play and get over it to them.

David Cook. I have been looking forward to seeing what David would do and how Webber reacted all week long. I just knew it would be very interesting. It was not. He did it like every high school and college performance of the Phantom I have ever seen. He did fine. But for someone who has seen Michael Crawford perform at the Pantages and loves Cook’s ability to make songs his own, it was a letdown.

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  1. i really like musicals and i was pretty let down by their performances…but it was interesting..haha

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