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Mariah Carey Night. Rather than write this 7 times I will just note if it doesn”t apply to anyone. The problem with Mariah Carey night is that no one else has a 5 octave range, a great body and a million grammy”s. Thus, everyone who tries to do a Mariah Carey song without making big changes to it winds up sounding boring.

David Archuleta. We Are Not Afraid. He did a great job. His falsetto was a tad lacking but it feels authentic and adds to the emotional factor when his voice is slightly off. Not everyone could do that.

Carly Smithson. Without You. She looked really good. The performance was fine, but she didn”t do anything special with the song. It was a tad boring.

Syesha Mercado. The begining was pretty. Towards the end the runs were a bit excessive and she took Mariah”s coaching to hit the minor note on the one line and did it on several lines. The dischord probably didn”t sound great to all but maybe the jazz fans.

Brooke White. Hero. Very cool arrangement. Love that she played it so low key until the bridge. Hit a few sour notes, A very heartfelt performance.

Kristy Lee Cook. She finally found an outfit that doesn”t look silly. The song worked out very well as a country tune and she sang it well. Of course I found myself missing the big notes. She is getting better and better every week. Still probably the least likely winner but she keeps sticking around.

David Cook. Always Be My Baby. An incredible arrangement. The use of the strings was amazing. It was a great performance and that big note towards the end was perfect. David seriously knows music and how to work with a band. He took a big risk and it rocked. I would buy his album. Sounds silly I know but there is only one Idol album that I have purchased so far.

Jason Castro. I Don”t Want To Cry. A fantastic performance. Very laid back. Great song for a bonfire night at the beach. I really like Jason”s ability to make all songs so relaxing and chill.

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  1. did you write this or import it? i always read your idol posts and cant tell if its you or imported. but anyways, i agree with it all. i love the hippie guy and i like the rocker guy.

  2. Yes i write it myself…jason, david cook and brook are my favs…all less pop then previous winners so i am very excited to see what happens with the rest of this season.

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