The Top 10

80’s theme tonight (actually from the year their birth which mostly means 80’s). The top ten starting tonite means we get lots of bios.

Ramielle Maluaby. How Do I Get You Alone. She was flat thru most of the song and she was virtually stationary even with a big 80’s song. Simon and Randy’s little tiff was fun.

Jason Castro. Fragile. Sting doesn’t connect well with the kids of today. I dug it but I don’t know about the texting crowd. He did it well but it was boring.

Syesha Mercado. If I Were Your Woman. She sang it really well but I still didn’t think it was fun. The 80’s were such a fun a poppy time but so far all ballads? She is going to sail thru the next few weeks regarless though.

Chickizie. If Only For One Night. His jacket was so cool. I asked my wife to buy it for me. He is completely in his element with an r&b arrangement. He still will have trouble relating with the kids on this one. But everyone has been dull so he may be fine. Could be in danger.

Brooke White. Every Breath You Take. The false start heard around the world. She is going to be fine because she did well the rest of this song. Finally, someone brought in some fun. She didn’t do the best performance of all time but it was good stuff still.

Michael Johns. We Will Rock You. A great performance and a ton of fun. Rocked everyone’s socks off at the house I was watching it from.

Carly Smithson. Turn Around. An great performance. She nailed the ending. Really did well with the rock edge second week in a row. Hopefully the obvious stress she was feeling won’t affect her to much next week.

David Archuleta. He sang a pretty obscure song. It was very happy and fun, but a bit cheesy.

Kristy Lee Cook. God Bless the USA. She got to do her country song and it went well. Sounded great and no one hates God Bless the USA. You can’t say you dislike it even if you did.

David Cook. Billy Jean. Played it up as a rock ballad. It was incredible. The big note was amazing. Very original and a huge risk and it worked. Risks, new arrangements and solid performances thats how you win AI.