The Consequences of Learning How to Fly

I am standing at a fork in the road in my life. For quite some time now I have recognized how I want to spend my life and why, but always ran into obstacles and could not quite get there. Quite suddenly and relatively unexpectedly I am in a position to realize my call and pursue the vision that others, and myself at times, have seen in my life.

And yet, there is fear. Why fear? For so long I have been stuck on the ground and yet now, I can fly. I can go where I feel led and pursue my passion. This should be the most exciting week of my life. But fear? Fear is the antithesis of what I expected to feel should this day ever arrive.

Do big and exciting opportunities ever make you fearful? How do you deal with these feelings? What do you think they mean?

I think that with any big change, and especially if there is risk it can be scary. But do you push on? Do you use that fear to be smarter, wiser, stronger? Or do you clip those wings and kick back, hanging out on the safe and solid ground?

I think this is what seperates the greats from goods. Many never take the big jump, the big risk…And they do just fine, but never fly, they never soar. I think I am ready to deal with the consequences of learning how to fly. How about you?