The Top 12

The new set is great looking and huge. I imagine it would be rather difficult to be the band spread out as they are in the sky. Ryan’s Beatles biography seemed out of place. Beatles have such an expansive catalog of songs so song choice was interesting for me. Seems like it would be tough not to find a song you could nail.

Syesha Mercado. Got to Get You Into My Life. Did it a little disco/r&b. I don’t see this being a hit. The Beatles don’t do disco and neither does the American Idol demographic. Simon’s response was incredibly puzzling as she did hit some bad notes in the begining.

Chickizie. She’s a Woman. Bluegrass intro was incredible. Loved his voice in his upper range. Awsome bluesy rock arrangement for the rest. I was anticipating “his own funk” was going to be yet another 60s 70s throwback…but wow….He knocked my socks off as well as the judges. I would buy this track. Guaranteed to be a hit.

Ramiele Malubay. In My Life. A very soft ballad. A pitch problem here and there but overall a very sweet performance. Runs the risk of being viewed as dull. Safe songs put you in danger of being forgotten and going home.

Jason Castro. If I Fell in Love With You. Lots of falcetto. Sounded good. Played guitar well. Had a very Jack Johnson feel to it.

Carly Smithson. Come Together. Did it as Amanda Overmeyer. If Carly can out bluesyrocker Amanda what use is it to have Amanda in the competition. Carly named it tonite and I think that she directly challenged her roomie for bluesyrocker supremacy.

David Cook. Eleanor Rigby. The begining was good but the bridge into ending build was just incredible. His voice has a very cool safe for the mainstream radio appeal. He is going to be a contender for a top spot.

Brooke White. Let It Be. Pretty piano arrangement. She has a great imperfect sounding voice which lends itself well to the message of this song. Sounded like she believed what she was singing, really connected with the emotion of the song. It is hard to do a ballad without sounding boring. She really did well and then ended so humbly.

David Hernandez. I Saw Her Standing There. A lot of energy. He puts those stripper dance moves to work. Knows how to move and how to work the crowd. I wonder if her is bummed they aren’t tipping. He did the song pretty much like the original. He thru out a few falcetto runs. All in all a good performance but he might not have made a bigger impact than some of the others tonight. I think he came off a bit cheesy but still will be around next week.

Amanda Overmeyer. You Can’t Do That. Adding the bluesy element almost made it sound like an Elvis song. Again she is great at this style of music. I just don’t know if she can make it to the top couple without bringing something different. She has no pop sensibility. Pat Benatar and Janis Joplin have not been chart toppers for a little while now.

Michael Johns. Across the Universe. Didn’t change it up it all, but he didn’t need to. It was the perfect song for his voice. And the lighting effects showing the limitless love swirling about him was pretty cool too. The song was simple and understated. He could get dinged for playing it safe though. I personally really liked it though.

Kristy Lee Cook. 8 Days a Week. Finally realized she is a country singer. She might have done this song just a tad fast, but it was pretty good. The risk was good but didn’t pull it off. She is a good country singer but the cadence and rythem of this song did not work well with the fast blue grass arrangement. Sounded like 2 different songs at the same time. She could be in trouble.

David Archuleta. We Can Work It Out. He forgot his lyrics. Went for the Stevie Wonder route. He had a lot of trouble hitting some of Stevie’s runs. He tried to mimick Stevie and just doesn’t have it in him. He probably is not in trouble (everyone loves him and he is great) but he should be.