Top 8 Ladies

Asia’h Epperson. I Wanna Dance with Someone. My 1 year old son was dancing and clapping. The outfit was very ugly, but it was very 80’s. The vocals were pretty good. A fun performance.

Kady Malloy. Forever. Awful song choice. Last week they told her to let her personality show and choose a fun song. The 80’s had so much energy but the closest she gets is matching purple with red. Could be in trouble.

Amanda Overmeyer. Hate Myself for Loving You. Fun arrangment. Great ending. She also looked very pretty.

Carly Smithson. I Drove All Night. Too adult a song for the kiddies. Could be a liability with the amount of families watching. As long as she stays at the top of her range she sounds amazing. The low notes were rough.

Kristy Lee Cook. Forever Yours. Never a good call to go for a song that Randy has worked with. But she seemed to get away with it. A few rough spots but with some work could turn the song into a country hit. As I mentioned with the guys, working with the band on song arrangment is what differentiates the forgettable form the unforgettable. Had she brought a country feel to the music, couple with the country feel of her vocals it would have rocked.

Ramiele Malubay. Take a Look at me now. Such a cute girl. A good voice but she did not do anything special with it tonight. Her and Daniel can do a cool duet sometime.

Brooke White. Love is a Battlefield. Did it as acoustic folksy rock tune. Very cool, but she has turned a few songs that way, so it may be a little repetiive for some. She needs to do something soon to connect to the pop kids.

Syesha Mercado. Saving All My Love You. A great vocal. Felt canned, or predictictable to use Simon’s word.