american idol top 12 guys

60’s theme tonight. Though first week theme since everyone is young and this is a contemporary competition, which Simon let us know numerous times. No major standouts last night. Top 10 potentials are noted.

David Hernandez. In the Midnight Hour. Good til the end. He hit some sour notes at the end. Not a great performance. He was fine though.

Chikezie. The begining was a little rough was he he hit his upper register he nailed it. I really thought 60’s day was gonna be his best day so that set my expectations really high. He looked great though.

David Cook. Happy Together. He made an indie rock tune out of it. It sounded fun. He has a cool rock edge. Top 10

Jason Yeager. Moon River. He hit a couple wrong notes. A fine performance but nothing special.

Robbie Carrico. One is the Loneliest Number. A little bit of rock and roll and some great harmonies with the background singers. He looks like KFed. When Simon questioned his rocker persona I was like “Whoa that’s it. He is faking it.” It makes sense, he is a good singer but boy bands are out of style, a little rock and roll splashed in and he is a top 10 for sure. Top 10

David Archuleta. You Better Shop. Around his high register he is fantastic. He sounded dull and off key with the lower notes in the begining. It sounds like we know who the producers like though, since he got a free pass on being judged. Top 10

Danny Noriega. Jail House Rock. I must admit his “swagger” and “attitude” mixed with one of my all time favorite performers was just too much. I am smitten. He had a blast and it made for a great performance. Probably did the song a tad to fast so the words were a little jumbled. Top 10

Luke Menard. I Won’t Let you Leave. He hit a lot of wrong notes. Very dull performance as well.

Colton Barry. Suspicious Minds. The half time bridge was awesome, but the rest was fairly dull and unispired. He is a young guy with a nice look so he can get away with ok.

Garrett Haley. Breakin Up is Hard to Do. He looks scary. Kind of like Elijah Wood in The Lord of the Rings. He delivered a dull performance. One cool break, but otherwise a sleeper. He seemed nervous.

Jason Castro. Daydream. He played guitar. It was an easy song but he played it well. He also coordinated well with the band which will lend itself well in later weeks as he takes risks and differentiates himself from other contestants.

Michel Johns. Light my Fire. He was shouting a bit. But it was a fun song. The judges loved him. I thought it was a great performane but not the strongest vocals.

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  1. hahaha, dude, Danny is an Emo [email protected], 100%… he cracked me up.

    oh, and what was wrong with mr lynyrd skynyrd wannabe? I was into it. I voted for him this round.

    mr rasta dude with the really nice eyes has potential.

    my pick for the top 3 dudes would be the guys I listed above (less emo boy) and the aussie (Michael).

  2. Hmmm, I suppose I just don’t ‘get’ the whole American Idol obsession people have. I attempted to sit through a season of it, and nearly gagged. Thanks, but I have better things to do than watch young people selling their souls for a bit of money and fame.

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