the top 24

I thought the Jumper intro/commercial was actually kind of cool. Obviously, a little lame, but I think that added to the appeal for me. Ryan at the end getting blown off was really funny.

A lot of no’s to start off. They claimed that people out in the lobby were getting more nervous but that shouldn’t be so, as the more no’s prior to you the higher chance you have of a yes. Oh well, no one is claiming all the AI contestants are mathmeticians.

I haven’t seen enough on everyone to form an opinion but here are some initial thoughts.

The Top 24…

Carly. Looks cool with tattoos and whatnot. Her accent is cool and will win her over a lot of fans. She also has season 5 experience when she had trouble with her work visa.

David C. Guitar player with a good look. Could go far if he can make sure to choose the right songs to focus on his better qualities.

Amanda Overmeyer. Rocker without a shot at the top. A fun addition to the story but not a pop star.



Danny. Like Sanjaya but he can sing really well. He is going to be a major contender.




Michael. He took a gamble on queen and it paid off. He also has the rugged tough guy thing going. The girls will like the dangerous one and the guys (both of us) will be more comfortable voting for him than a boy band lookalike.

Syesha. Lost her voice and still pulled it off. Has talent and determination, plus a great look.

Robbie. Rocker guys always make the top 10 but most lack pop sensibility. Doesn’t mean they are not fantastic but just not right for AI.


Chikezie. Hilarious but if he won would probably be a Taylor/Ruben type.




David. He was told it was contested. Simon let him know a tough road ahead. Interesting to see if he makes it far.


Colton. I really liked both Colton (any guy who busts disney is my idol) and Kyle (I am a politics buff and have a soft spot for nerds) so this is bittersweet.


David Archaletta. Young and with a great voice. The 300 texts a minute crowd are going to love him. Expect him in the top 10.

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  1. who’s the crybaby dork who plays piano? I actually think he has an untrained voice that, with proper training, would make him unstoppable.

  2. Josiah was on Ellen yesterday. She gave him $8k in recording and music equipment to get started on his own record. Not sure how he will fit it all in his car though…

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