American Idol Feb. 12

Seems like Simon is running things for the first segment. Blasted thru the first day yes’s really fast. Bryan Adams was a hit. Maybe he will be a special guest later in the season. The second round was boring. It was all about the drama of the front line back line game. We didn’t get to see many of the performances. Lots of dramatic losers. Kind of a bummer to spend so much time learning about someone only to have them not make it. Footage should have stayed on the cutting room floor. Seems like we know more about the losers than the winners now. I guess we will have plenty of time to get to know the top 24 moving forward. It just seemed like such a waste to hear someones life story only to have them bomb their audition. Would have rather heard the great auditions.

A few notes on some auditions.

Brooke “beautiful” keyboard. Sounded great. Put her own spin on it.

David “love the one your with” Great arrangement. Going to be a contender since he has the ability to make songs his own without destroying them.

Amanda “light my fire” 60’s throwback. Could be fun, but if every song sounds like that it’s going to get old fast.

Josiah keyboard. Great smile. Fun song that went thru a few different sounds.

David “everything i do” Pretty good. No real wow til the last line which was awesome. Played the guitar, which added to his appeal. It will be interesting to see if instruments make it into later rounds. Without them he may struggle.

Robbie “everything i do” Did fine, nothing incredibly special.

Colton “everything i do” Did fine, nothing incredibly special.

David “we’re in heaven” Did very well. A great voice. Could be a serious contender.

Kyle “you raise me up” I love this kid. I will vote for him for AI and for Governor.

Syesha “chain of fools” Amazing.

Michael “bohemian rhapsody” I couldn’t believe he chose this song, but he pulled it off very well. If he continues to choose songs that are unique and interesting and actually doing it well, he will be in the top 10.