Watched the Pixar documentary today

Couldn't help but think about the different types of leadership displayed. 

John Lassiter has this (crazy at the time) idea to make a computer animated film.

Disney fires Lassiter and said it was not a good idea period.

Lucas Film said it was too expensive and sent them packing.

Jobs put his own cash on the line and they all work their tails off and literally change the entire movie industry.

What kind person do you want to be?  The kind who tells people their crazy and gives them the boot?  The kind who says its too big and moves on.

I want to be the guy who roles up my sleeves, gets down into the action and says we are going to do whatever it takes to make this happen.  That's also the kind of person I want to be around. 

Yes, we need to be practical and realistic, but that's why multiple iteration is needed.  In the beginning, its all about what is possible…

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