Top 8 Boys

80’s night. It seems like the judges worked hard to make sure that a lot of different styles of singers were represented this season and as they are getting more comfortable and taking more risks it is getting exciting.

One of the things that really seperates the good from the great is the ability to take period songs and make them contemporary. This requires both a good ear and understanding of music, but also the ability to communicate and lead a band.

Luke Menard. Jitterbug. The song suited his voice well. Don’t here a pop sensibility in his voice. A cheesy song, but he did it well. At the end he says ‘uptempo,’ a very musical theatre term, not something you are going to here JT or Usher say for sure. Maybe in danger.

David Archuleta. Think Twice. Did it as a very soft ballad. Played his own accompaniment for the intro. Very impressive. Plus he has a great voice. He always hits one or two wrong notes but never gets nailed on it, so it was nice to hear the judges catch him tonite.

Danny Noriega. Tainted Love. He sounded awesome. Pulled the song off amazingly. Looked a bit creepy. TMTH !!!

David ‘the stripper’ Hernadez. Its All Coming Back to Me Now. Sounded awesome. Looks and sounds like a star. Did the song well not perfect but very well.

Michael Johns. Don’t you. Good looking and has that Aussie accent may help him get thru the rough patches on the quiet parts of the song. Probably in a bit of danger. He seems to be a producers choice since he was given a virtual pass by the judges.

David Cook. Cool rock ballad. Great upper range. Good falsetto on the softer parts. Great arrangment. He made an older song very conteporary.

Jason Castro. Hallelujah. Very low key and understated performance. Really focused on his voice. Seemed to be a risky choice to go with such a low energy song but I think it served him well to show off his vocals.

Chickizie. She’s Fills me Up. The build up to the ending were very good. The begining and ending was a little rough. He is still not sounding very contemporary. If he makes it through to next week he needs to start connecting the period songs with modern arrangments.