top 12 ladies

Everybody has the flu. 60’s theme again. Ryan spent a lot of time talking about the girls shoes. Posted from my mobile, sorry about sentence structure

Kristy Lee Cook rescue me. sounded ok. not a powerful enough voice for this song. not a lot of energy. pretty uninspiring. she is pretty and has a good story. this may be enough to get her through but i don”t know if its going to get her into the top 10.

Joanne Bogella. say a little prayer for you. a lot of pitch problems. some nervousness in her voice. a dull performance. showed off the power she can bring.

Elaina Whitaker. i love you more today than yesterday. great vocals. cool arrangement. she is good looking and young. top 10 contender.

Amanda Overmyer. baby please don’t go. great performance. Most likely too hard sounding to appeal to a wider audience. but she did it well.

Amy Davis. where the boys are. hit a wrong notes. she is pretty, so that may save her, but it was not a great performance at all.

brooke white. so happy together. good arrangement. decent vocals. dull performance. the good girl image will probably keep her through while she gets more comfortable on stage.

Alexandrea Lushington. what goes up must come down. great performance. hit the right notes. i don’t like the tone of her voice, but i think it is just me (and maybe Simon).

Kady Malloy. groovy kind of love. hard to pull off a ballad early on because they don’t give a chance to show personality. just an ok performance.

Asia’h Epperson. take another piece of my heart. great arrangement. great vocals. could be a top 10 contender.

Ramielle you don’t have to say you love me. fantastic arrangement, performance and vocals. plus she is cute and has a hip, different look.

Syesha Mercado. tobacco row. fun song. lots of power in her voice. not sure how she could stay so still singing that song. i was dancing around just watching.

Carly. a good vocal effort. i have to say i was just so so on it. do not think it was bad just didn’t grab me.