top 10 guys

70’s night.

Michaels Johns You Can Go Your Own Way. Very boring aside from when he was butchering the high notes.

Jason Castro. His intro interview may very well have sealed his fate for all of the older crowd but his performance was really nice. Not fantastic but the guitar makes him stand out. He chooses easy songs and does them decently.

Luke Menard. Very theatrical. Fun, but not very poppy. May struggle later on if he is not able identify with the 13 year old girls who dial a million times.

Robbie Carico. If you have to keep telling us you are something, you probably ar not it. Hot Blooded. Still faking the rock.

Danny Noriega. Baby, I Love You. A couple pitch problems but a decent performance. The opening was a bit creepy with him touching his chest while he said he loved me. He is spunky though. Everyone is going to like him. As long as he doesn’t blow it big time, he will keep coming back. Not the best performance but I don’t think he is Sanjaya as long as he can pull out a great performance next week.

David Hernandez. Papa was a Rolling Stone. Great intro. Started to get a little monotonous but the ending was incredible.

Jason Yeager. Without Love. Did fine. His voice so does not fit his look, his smile, or his dancing. Poor song choice.

Chickizie. I Believe. A good 70’s performance. Still came across as a 70’s song. But much better than last week.

David Cook. Alright Now. Played a rockin’ guitar. A good rock performance. He worked the crowd well. Vocals were not awesome but they were good. Much more relevant

David Archuleta. Imagine All the People. Really well done. He is going to be in the top 3. An awesome voice, and can really perform. The judges and the producers love him.