The Anglican Church's Current War

I have already stated my position on members of church leadership who are gay, so I will refrain from getting into that charged field today. This is simply about how to handle conflict, especially as Christians.

Gene Robinson was “heckled” as he preached in a London church last week. Is sitting in the audience of someone we disagree with and screaming at them the best way to accomplish our goals? to change their minds? to win others to our side? Beyond that, its not like Gene Robinson is someone who does not currently have a lot of press surrounding him. And on a more practical note, could he not have been avoided while preaching, rather than giving him international press?

As more and more denominations go through these types of decision making processes, it will be interesting to see how Christians handle themselves. Our history shows we do not always deal with disagreements peacefully or very Christlike. Let us learn from the mistakes of our past.