My time on the Orbiter with Darin McWatters

If you’d like to hear me talk about me, my faith, Intersection Creative Strategies, Laundry Love Santa Ana, 511, baby making, making tough decisions,Seattle, productivity, the will of God, limericks, software, GoDaddy, music, Santa Ana, the interwebz, ROI, Souplantation, community development and a whole host of other fun things check out Darin’s hard hitting interview […]

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Cultivate 2011

Most of you know that my company helps non profits and social enterprises develop effective communication strategies.  We also help with the implementation of those strategies.  So I was pretty excited when the organizers of Cultivate 2011 reached out and asked me to be a part of their very unique conference. Rather than just getting […]




Every time I thumb through a catalog I wonder why I’m not looking up the item on the Internet. Then I realize: Catalogs create need by suggesting items you weren’t thinking about. The Internet is better at fulfilling the need once it’s identified.  ~ Alan Weiss

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Freedom and Fashion show

Here is a slide show of pics taken at the Freedom and Fashion show.  Working on a full write up for Intersection (one of the partners for the event is a client) but in the meantime I wanted to get these pics up…




A quick run down on what I am up to…

With the exception of my lovely wife, few people know the totality of things I am currently involved in, as I often see folks in the context of one project or another.  This frequently leads to the question, “so, do you do this full time?” So, I thought I would quickly give you all the […]

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Big ideas. Big risks. Big fun.

Working on a new, still undercover, initiative.  It has the potential to be one of the biggest things I have ever pulled off.  By the same token, it has the potential to be the most colossal failure. The interesting thing, though, to me, is the ease at which the early stage things are going.  I […]

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How a Logo Design Goes to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

My company started a simple branding project last week.  Fully anticipated being done before I went to !deation.  Five rejected mock ups later, today I am sending over revision eight of the logo and getting ready to start on some print collateral, a website and some social media integration. While at !deation my friend Dan Portnoy […]

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Shannon and Micah Were In a Car Accident

They are fine.  No one was injured.  Unless you count our car.  It didn’t do so hot.  Totally kept the passengers safe though.  Shannon has a bruise on her hip from her iPod being in her pocket and Micah bit his tongue, though it is still fully intact. Our insurance is good so we are […]




Social Media ROI

Check out this amazing video on the value of social media for your organization.  I first saw it on Michael Hyatt’s site.

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Yeah. My Site is Back Up.

As you can see, things are a bit sparse right now. That will change. Also, this site will be shifting in focus as I build out Intersection Creative Strategies. My business oriented posts will migrate over there and this will be mostly musings, ramblings and family stuff. A huge thanks to DJ Chuang for his […]