Super Awesome Organization Sunday (special Wed. addition)

Thought this was a great idea that other organizations could look at. Even if you just want to buy a little more for a local charity in your area individually. Pulled this info from Josh’s Blog.

The Buy A Little More Project will be in conjunction with mountaintop experiences, inc. and connect rome.
Mountaintop Experiences, inc is an organization that feeds over 4000 people a month, provides clothing for people, and provides school supplies for the students of Anna k. Davies Elementary school.
Connect Rome is a new church plant coming to Rome, GA. They will be launching in January of 2009.

Here’s How the project will work:

From Friday August 1 @ 5pm until Sunday August 3 @ 5pm – the staff & leaders of Connect Rome will be staying in a lift above the parking lot at office depot. That’s right – 48 hours in a scissor lift in a parking lot.

Why are you staying in a scissor lift in the parking lot? Because we’re willing to sacrifice ourselves in hopes that others will be willing to sacrifice as well. And it sounds like fun. How many times do you get the chance to camp out in a lift in the middle of the summer?

Why Office Depot? It’s the back to school tax free weekend. Therefore, there will be a lot of people shopping at Office Depot. And Office Depot wants to partner with the Buy A Little More Project. Hopefully, we will also be setting up a drop off location at the West Rome Wal-mart.

What are we asking for? We’re asking for people to simply buy a little more than they typically would. So when you go back to school shopping, we’re hoping that you would be willing to buy a little more for people who don’t get to go back to school shopping. Our goal is to provide Mountaintop Experiences, inc. over 1000 dollars in school supplies.

Won’t it be hot up there in the lift? Yeah, it will be hot.

Are you guys a little crazy? Yeah, Probably more than a little.

How Do I Get More Information? Go to We will explain more about the project, tell you more needs that Mountaintop Experiences, inc. has, and provide links and information about all of our sponsors. This website will be going live exactly one week before the event (Friday July 25th @ 5pm.) Or you can call or email josh roberts anytime at JOSHTALKS@GMAIL.COM or 706.409.2379

How do I help sponsor this event? You can sponsor this event by doing one of the following. 1) give a donation of at least $100 dollars. 2) provide a gift or service to use for giveaways. 3) You can help advertise this event.

Anything else we should know? This thing is going to be like a carnival. Not only will there be people staying up 30 ft in the air for 48 straight hours, but there will also be live musical and inflatables. Make sure to visit to stay informed.

The site appears to be down at the moment but I am sure they will get it back up shortly.