super Awesome Organization Sunday

I love this organization. They come up with creative, low cost and reproducible solutions to problems in society and then post them for you to do in your community. Check them out today.

From the Just One website

The JustOne Ethos
JustOne is a non profit organization that was formed to stimulate greater global awareness about extreme poverty, and to provoke compassionate ideas and intelligent giving in order to provide sustainable relief. We are a collective voice for the victims of social injustice––the one(s) living in geographical and situational poverty; the one(s) orphaned through death, disease and desertion; the one(s) trafficked into slavery throughout the world.



Through our innovative development of resources, creative awareness campaigns, educational gatherings, speaking engagements and activist mobilization, JustOne provides reprieve to the marginalized and the oppressed.

We believe in an economic of enough that is established through the cooperative practice of sharing and redistribution. These practices are central to the Laundry Love Project, A Trashcan can Make a Difference and the Activist initiatives. We hope to see these initiatives expand throughout the US and overseas giving others the opportunity to be the enough for those living in localized poverty.


Inclusion and Accountability

We are a social mercy foundation that exists to change universal issues of social injustice effecting millions of people regardless of race, culture, sex, age, or religion. We have an open policy partnership, meaning we will collaborate with a diversity of people(s) and organization(s) regardless of differences while holding to wisdom, discernment and the collective council that directs the mission and future of JustOne. The collective council comes through the Board of Directors and organizational Partners