Super Awesome Organization Sunday

From Xealot’s website:

Xealot’s mission is to connect resources (people, knowledge, technology, and other resource streams) to young leaders around the world! We do this primarily through forums and one-on-one leadership development consults. Our vision is not to package community transformation in a box but commit to walking with leaders to tranform their village/community/city/nation.

The three domains of people we serve are artists, businesspersons, and community development specialists.

Xealot came about as a response to actively serve the needs of developing communities in the world that are underserved. Unlike many relief-based charitable organizations, Xealot seeks to empower marginalized ethnic leaders to encourage an independence that cannot come from simply providing handouts; the hope is to help communities get the jump start they need so that they can eventually provide for themselves. We do this through action not simply talk. We have many results of projects that are complete or are in process that demonstrate our bias towards action.

I know several of the folks involved with Xealot and strongly encourage you to get involved in any way you can.
Xealot currently has partnerships with Nujon Singpila of the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF) in Thailand, Stephen “Cue” Jean-Marie of the SHAW in Los Angeles, Eugenio Araiza of AMEXTRA in Mexico, and Stephen Peters of Benson’s Interational Academy in Mysore, India. Our hope is to continue to build personal relationships with indigenous leaders on a global scale as these opportunities present themselves.