Interesting Google Voice Transcription

I love Google Voice.  I was an early beta user.  I gave out invites constantly when it was still invite only and verge on evangelistic related to the service.

That said, I do know that their free transcription service pales in comparison to other (much more expensive) transcription services.  Occasionally, that small part of the service is infuriating.  Other times, it’s hilarious:

Hey Scott, This is Scott. I’m at work right now. I’m calling regarding the it web page. I believe exboyfriend me. Talk to you if you want to start the database. He wants to sell things online and I guess I’m at work, but I’ll be getting off for home around between 6 a 7 and I got your number now, as I can find it hard and I’ll give you a shout. As soon as I do, and I’m been tied up here today. Otherwise it her to come. Call me here but but if i call you back later and review your you if you get started on this. Is Jason, Just wanting to know. Looking forward to talking with yard. I don’t tell him a little bit about yourself and he’s tired of. We are getting to run around with people that don’t, don’t do a lot at and to kinda yeah. So having said that I’ll get back and do what I need to do and give me a shout when I get home. Hope you’re doing well and I got some other things in the mixed with you might be of a contribute and some of that dirty fellas. Okay. Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon bye bye.

This was actually a business referral from personal acquaintance.  It made me laugh so hard I had to share it with you all.